Mr. KumoMr. Kumo

Is your finger connected to your brain?

Who's Mr. Kumo you ask? He's a confused and cute little spider who needs your help. Who would of ever thought a spider would forget to how to make a web. Well, Mr. Kumo has and he needs your help! Mr. Kumo is an extremely addictive puzzle game which uses a simple concept that also makes you really think! If you love U Connect, you and your kids will absolutely go bonkers for Mr. Kumo! It will have your kids playing for hours! Heck, it may even have YOU playing for days or maybe even weeks!!

How To Play

Help Mr. Kumo make his web by moving him from point-to-point to connect all the points without retracing his steps. It's as simple as that but definitely trickier than it sounds...just ask Mr. Kumo!